What is Sostane?

Sostane (Sisters of Sustainability) provides a nurturing environment for local green women to take action in sustainable practices. Through local meetings, festival participation, member-written articles and online resources, we are inspired to take that extra step to make a difference to our community.

We are individuals, independent business owners, mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. We are concerned at the state of our planet not only for ourselves, but for our future generations. Our responsibility reaches farther than sustaining or maintaining at our current levels, but going above and beyond by giving back to the earth in a cradle-to-cradle mentality.

We are committed to the betterment of the environment, social justice, local economy and ourselves.

Sostane's Commitments

We will:

  • want to get to know you personally and listen to your needs
  • have informal meetings, show up in whatever attire is most comfortable
  • ask that you contribute to discussions and volunteer resources that have worked for you
  • accept you at whatever green stage you are at
  • keep an open mind and know that anything is possible!
  • host our website with green powered and women-owned hosting

We will not:

  • judge you or your personal/professional situation
  • mail you any printed materials such as directories or coupons
  • require you to attend meetings
  • require you to purchase our products
  • ask you for your financial information when verifying membership

Sostane's Policies

Business member applicants must:

  • be at least 50% women-owned and have decision-making authority over operations, products and service offerings
  • provide proof of sustainable business practices and community outreach (on public website, printed documentation, memberships, certifications and verification interview)
  • operate their business within 100 miles of the city to which they applied
Final decision of membership will be at the discretion of Sostane's management and membership can be terminated at any time if there is a failure to respect or maintain or adhere to these polices.

A letter from the founder

Dear Green Sister,

I am like you.

I have been so lucky and fortunate to find like-minded individuals through my business, Beneficial Design, which focuses on green marketing materials for women entrepreneurs. I have had so many conversations with all of you about how we really are trying our best to be more sustainable. I have enjoyed our discussions, but yearned for get everyone together to talk about it.

We need to work together.

As women, we are naturally and instinctively nurturing. We take care of our children, our families and now we must take care of the earth. Through our businesses and livelihoods, we have so much more influence than we realize and communicating with each other is only going to make it stronger.

We need you.

It's not about doing a little here and there. We are already doing that. It's about rethinking all of our processes, practices and techniques. Not to maintain, but to give back to the environment what we have already taken. Walls and beliefs will need to be torn down to find the solutions we are all looking for. They are there— simply, creatively and completely. Together, we can pledge the responsibility our planet is asking for.

This is just the beginning. Now we need your help.

Join us in our gatherings, our network, and our online discussions as we talk about how we can run our businesses and our lives more sustainably.

- Kaytlyn Sanders