{ Sisters of Sustainability }

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Members and Non-Members Welcome!

Our informal and collaborative meetings will take a creative view on sustainability, urban development, local commerce and more. No matter where you are on your green path, you will come away with feelings of hope and ideas you can implement in your own lives.

Each gathering will be unique—welcoming a variety of sustainable women and entrepreneurs to the table. This is your opportunity to speak with local businesses and voice your concerns—to see if we can all come together for a solution. Bring a neighbor, a friend or a family member who just wants to learn a little bit more about helping the environment.

We will record all of the resources, websites, recommended books and tips mentioned and will post all of these notes online for all to access.

Do you need to spread the word about your sustainable business?

Instead of handing a person a business card, SHOW them what you do. Bring your products, describe your services and let your enthusiasm shine!

During your spotlight, proprietresses have 15 minutes to present their organization to the group. Expect deeper connections with your buyers and better recommendations from your new evangelists who believe in your products and services just as much as you do. It’s a great way to practice your speaking skills on a small scale. Q&A sessions will folow each presentation. Bring business cards, brochures and takeaways to put in goody bags at the end of the event.

If you are a Premium Business Member and you would like to { Spotlight } your business at our next meeting, please email sos@sostane.com or call (206) 607-9390 to arrange your presentation!

Festival, Fair and Market Booth Spaces

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Previous Festivals

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Sustainable Ballard Festival
Kirkland Green Festival
Green Edmonds Festival
Seattle Tilth Fair


example setup from Seattle Tilth Fair, only one table shown

Sostane has a 10 x 10 foot white canopy booth, which we allow up to four members to use when participating at festivals. The space consists of two six-foot long tables, each table providing enough space for two members. These spaces can be reserved singly or, to get yourself a whole table, doubly.

With your reservation we provide the booth, tables, chairs, table coverings, banner and an 8x11 frame for your paper profile. As further assistance we also work directly with the producers of the event.

If you would like to reserve a spot in our booth, please fill out the form below. Reservations will be accepted up until a week before the event.

Know of an upcoming green event that Sostane should participate in? Contact us!


Tables, chairs, white and green table coverings, nametags and a large photo frame (with stand) for you to put a 8.5 x 11 inch flyer/profile will be provided.

The optional display frame is 12 x 12 inches (for horizontal or vertical printouts) and fits a square piece of graphic scrapbook paper. Many papers will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Your sheet will be held in place by magnets to make it reusable. The frame can be stood on a table or hung from the ceiling of the booth. Most events would like the side walls to not be in place to give the booth an open feeling, but we can tie lightweight items to the booth structure with fishing-line.

Please bring handouts, brochures, business cards, samples, portfolios, photos, products and an item to raffle.

Electricity, wifi, phone line or credit card processing will not be provided.


Anyone who brings an item to raffle will be allowed a copy of all emails collected by Sostane for that event. Value of raffle item is up to you, but we recommend somewhere between $20-50.