Are you a Sustainable Sister?

you've seen An Inconvenient Truth

You include green blogs in your daily morning routine and regularly read up on the latest environmental studies. You catch NPR's latest news on your way home from work and read the local paper.
You stay informed.

you bought the CFLs

You have the habit of turning down the thermostat during the winter, even have it set to near ice temperatures while you are away, just enough to not have the pipes freeze. You forgo the air conditioner in the summer and just sit outside in the breeze. When you leave work, your computer and all other devices are turned off. You wish everyone around you would do the same.
You want to do more.

you try to work and buy locally

You purchase from farmer's markets to save gas and transportation costs. You walk down the street to grab your morning coffee. You wish there were incentives for more people to follow the green path. Sure, no one is perfectly green and we are finding out every day that there are better methods and policies to follow.
How can you find more women like you?

it's here...

Locate other women, just like you, who are creating new ways to not only save the environment, but also save money. Need a lawyer who has gone paperless? How about a print designer who only uses recycled papers? What about a daycare that composts and recycles reducing their actual garbage to zero? Do you have great ideas to work greener with your clients and customers and want to find and attract more within your neighborhood?

Share your ideas and light a green spark with everyone you know.
Be remarkable. Create sustainablity.

Who We Are Looking For

Women who are striving to be:
- Waste-free
- Paperless
- A low-impact commuter (bus, carpool, walk, work from home)
- A local volunteer
- Active in their communities and neighborhoods
- Re-inventing their work processes
- Using alternative energies
- Reducing carbon footprint

No one is a perfect shade of green, so please know we never aim at perfection. We can only do the best we can.

If you think this describes someone you know, please nominate them by contacting and they might be eligible for a free business listing on our site!